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About UETN

UETN provides critical broadband infrastructure and services to education, healthcare and broadcast sites throughout Utah.


Humans of UETN

Charice Carroll
Premiered: May 24, 2022

Charice Carroll shares her journey to becoming a Distance Education Specialist at UETN and how her amazing work at UETN impacts our students and educators across the state. In addition, she shares what she loves about working at UETN and how some of her favorite creative hobbies help her unwind after busy workdays.

Amanda Molinari
Premiered: March 8, 2022

Amanda Molinari shares her journey on becoming an IT Product Manager at UETN and how her grandmother was a huge inspiration in her career choice. We get a glimpse into her hobbies and artwork outside of UETN and how they intersect with her career.

Fernando Lara
Premiered: January 3, 2022

Fernando Lara shares his journey to becoming a producer at UETN and how the role has changed for him these last two years. He tells us what he loves about UEN and shows us his strengths as a mentor, colleague and father.


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