Content Selection Policy


This policy outlines the process by which KUEN/Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN) selects and produces content that fulfills its mission to provide high quality material in service of, and responsive to, the needs and interests of our community.


UETN/KUEN produces acquires and distributes high-quality national, regional and local programming and educational content designed to inform, enlighten, educate and entertain. In doing so, UETN is led by a Governing Board composed of representatives from UETN’s constituent groups and guided by the Board’s mission, values, and priorities.

In fulfilling these commitments, we are guided by and adhere to multiple legal and regulatory frameworks within which we work. Principal among these are laws, rules, and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission that govern the licensees of noncommercial, educational broadcast stations and requirements applied by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to organizations that benefit from the federal investment in public media.

Along with traditional broadcast distribution, UETN is a multi-platform public media service provider with delivery of content via the Internet, on mobile devices, and through video-on-demand, streaming and other systems. We aim for public understanding of these services and the practical reasons for our decisions.

Selecting Material for Broadcast and Online

KUEN follows established guidelines and principles that govern its practices in the selection, creation, production and distribution of content. Content decisions are informed by the UETN Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan adopted by our governing board, along with input from the UEN Community Advisory Council, Utah Instructional Media Consortium, Utah’s Online Library Central Coordinating Committee, partner organizations, and other community stakeholders.

Topics we cover for broadcast and digital delivery are selected at regular editorial meetings of our professional staff. We welcome suggestions about what to distribute and encourage comments, recommendations, and corrections of our work. We publish the names, position, and contact information for senior members of our staff on our website. Directions to Contact Us are located on our website.

Criteria for Selection

We produce and choose content for broadcast and presentation that is consistent with our overall mission and purposes. Our mission statement, values, and service priorities are published on our website. We are also guided by core values of public media:

Educational Value
We believe everyone deserves a safe and substantive learning environment. We value children’s programs and content designed for education that reflects solid, age-appropriate educational goals. The educational and entertainment value of broadcast program content may be extended through online, outreach, and print activities.

Lifelong Learning
We believe that people want to know and understand the world around them, that all of us are nurtured as humans by exposure to the arts, nature, science and innovation.

We believe older adults, persons with disabilities, and other historically marginalized groups offer valuable experience and wisdom, and that we gain broader understanding through the stories of all people.

We believe a well-spent leisure refreshes and rejuvenates; our content can offer a respite from the pressures of modern life, helping to renew physical, spiritual, mental and social well-being.

Mutual Respect
We believe that our society is enhanced when people have access to diverse perspectives, presented in a balanced way and free from commercial influence.

Civic Engagement
We believe that individuals who participate in civic life and calm discourse are more content with their lives, and civilization is advanced when people engage with their communities.

Our content decisions are also shaped by practical considerations, such as the need for an overall coherence to our service and identity, the interests of audiences, the availability of material, technical requirements, accessibility, security and data privacy, the costs of different kinds of programming we create, the costs of programs we acquire, opportunities through partners and public media peers, and our overall resources.

Content Maintenance

We regularly review our inventory of content to be sure it meets the needs of the community and our objectives. Content that is no longer relevant or misleading, or for which a better option is available, is removed from distribution. Input from advisors and community members helps to inform this process. When retiring online tools, we follow the Process for Retiring Web Services.

When a member of the public has a programming or content concern, we encourage them to discuss it with the programming staff or Station Manager.

If their concern is not satisfied we invite them to request a review of content through a form created for this purpose. We acknowledge the concern and keep the complainant updated on the status of our review.

In reviewing concerns, UETN/KUEN professional staff, who may consult with senior staff, advisors or Board members, review the questioned item. Generally, the questioned content will remain available during this review process. Content is considered in its entirety, not solely on portions taken out of context. The review is returned within 30 days after receiving the form.

We strive to judiciously balance the concerns of parents or guardians as they guide their children’s use of our content, while also preserving that right for other parents/guardians. In the event that a constituent wishes to appeal a content decision, they may contact UETN’s Executive Director requesting a reconsideration review. Reconsideration reviews will be returned within 30 days.

UETN/KUEN encourages and welcomes input from the community and the UETN governing board; however, in order to uphold the Public Broadcasting Editorial Integrity Guidelines and Public Media Code of Integrity all decisions regarding content will be made by the programming department with oversight from the Station Manager and Executive Director/CEO.

Policy Maintenance

As with all UETN policies, this policy is reviewed for necessary revisions on a regular schedule. Off-schedule revisions will be considered when underlying policies, such as the Public Broadcasting Editorial Integrity Guidelines, change in a way that would effect this policy. In order to maintain good faith with the community, revisions will not be undertaken when a formal request for reconsideration is occurring. When a challenge is resolved, reflection on and knowledge from that experience will inform policy revisions.


UETN/KUEN strives to provide programs and services that benefit our community, with input from our community. This is accomplished through balancing allegiance to our mission, the law, regulations, public input, and resource constraints.

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Adopted by the UETN Board on 10/23/2020

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