UETN and the Utah College Advising Corps to host College Knowledge Nights

American Graduate: Getting to Work initiative supports career education in Utah

Beginning October 1, several schools across Utah will host College Knowledge Nights in partnership with the Utah College Advising Corps

Plan Your PathStudents grades 7 through 12 and their families are invited to participate in education and career planning events to help them make well-informed decisions about their next steps in education.

Beginning October 1, several schools across Utah will host College Knowledge Nights in partnership with the Utah College Advising Corps (UCAC) as part of UETN’s UtahFutures American Graduate project.

These family-friendly events are free to attend and will cover a variety of college and career planning topics, including—

Each event will also introduce participants to local college planning experts including UCAC College Access Advisers. As recent college graduates, these full time advisors are accessible guides with knowledge of programs leading to certificates, associate degrees and bachelor degrees. According to the Utah System of Higher Education, just one meeting with a college access advisor increases a student’s likelihood of enrollment in a postsecondary certificate or degree program by 13%, and three to five meetings doubles those odds.

The events will also feature information about the role Career and Technical Education (CTE) can play in helping students succeed in school, career and life, a key theme for UtahFutures American Graduate.

“Many parents and other caregivers simply don’t know enough about some of the options available to their students, particularly alternatives to pursuing a four-year degree right out of high school,” says Jenn Gibbs, manager of UEN’s UtahFutures American Graduate project. “By bringing together students, caregivers and school-based resources, these College Knowledge Nights will help close this communication gap. We’re thrilled to partner with UCAC on this effort.”

Principal Mike Mees attests to the benefit of having a UCAC College Access Advisor at St. George’s Pine View High School in the Washington County School District: “Our students benefit from an on-campus rock star who can assist them with scholarship applications, FASFA information and college applications. We now have more students applying to college, not to mention a much larger number of students who are accepted to college—and we see more students staying with their college programs.”

For details on these College Knowledge Nights, visit www.uen.org/americangraduate:

The events are part of the UtahFutures American Graduate project, made possible by support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate: Getting to Work initiative.

About UtahFutures American Graduate

UtahFutures American Graduate is a UEN project to help more Utahns make well-informed decisions about education and career. Part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s national initiative American Graduate: Getting to Work and Utah’s career education resource UtahFutures.org, the project has resulted in content, partnerships and community events to support alignment between education and workforce needs.

About the Utah College Advising Corps (UCAC)

For over 10 years, UCAC has successfully helped students navigate the process of getting into college. This year, the program has expanded to 22 additional schools for a total of 34 schools. As recent college graduates, College Access Advisers enthusiastically connect high school students with current information about college—which is defined as one, two, four or more years of formal education beyond high school. The program is increasing college enrollment and graduation rates and changing the course of intergenerational poverty.

About Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN)

The Utah Education and Telehealth Network operates public media station UEN-TV on behalf of the Utah State Board of Regents. UETN also provides broadband connectivity and resources to public education, higher education, hospitals, clinics and health departments. It serves more 880,000 students and more than 73,000 educators and staff in Utah public and higher education.

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