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"So, I feel good about our 7-year anniversary here and what we've been able to do with education. But we're going to make that the No. 1 focus over these next 4 years."  -- Governor Herbert

"There need to be a heightened appreciation for our teachers, who are doing some really remarkable things in the classroom." Governor Herbert

"...I just signed a bill eliminating high stakes testing in our schools, specifically doing away with the requirement for SAGE test for high school juniors..." Governor Herbert

"We ought to have fairness and level playing fields when it comes to the education of our students..." Governor Herbert

"My proposed budget that I've recommended to the legislature adds another $422 million to education, which would bring us a total of nearly $1.8 billion over these last 5 years." Governor Herbert

"We need to put money into education so that we can continue to recruit good quality teachers and retain good quality teachers" Governor Herbert

"It was nice to see we got an A-plus rating, the only state to receive an A-plus rating, for financial literacy in America," Governor Herbert says.

“We're number one economically. We've raised the bar on education. Our infrastructure's improved. We're preparing for the future with the vision on water and needs that we have to prepare for our--the growth as the third...

Governor Herbert on Education:"We don't have money to waste, and we need to kind of come together on what the next 10 years will be, and not have to reinvent the wheel each time we have a legislative session"

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