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 "It might be of interest for you to know that we will introduce probably over 1,000 bills. We'll probably pass, again if history's any example, over 500 bills.   And 85% of those bills will be passed virtually...

"I think we have a responsibility, in fact, to appreciate different points of view, respect different points of view, engage with civility and respect..." Governor Herbert

"Well, that's why we have a legislative process that usually lasts 45 days, where people introduce legislation and they have public comment, public hearings, people come in on all sides of an issue." Governor Herbert

"The good news, I just came out here a week ago, from the Center for Disease Control, shows that we have 11.9% reduction, nearly 12% reduction in opioid deaths and addiction in the state of Utah." Governor Herbert

"It's now time for the public to step up, and pay attention. We have got primary elections coming up in the fourth Tuesday in June, general elections in November, and it's an obligation that we have as voters to pay attention to...

"We're putting record amounts of money, nearly $500 million of new money, mostly ongoing, into public education and higher education." Governor Herbert

"What we're doing is making sure that all of our schools are prepared. There are laws on the books that require our superintendents and our principles to make sure that access to the schools is controlled, and we need to make...

"We have no desire to privatize any of these public lands." Governor Herbert

"...And I think that the "secret sauce" of our success in Utah is really our ability, in fact, to work together." Governor Herbert 

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