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"...And I think that the "secret sauce" of our success in Utah is really our ability, in fact, to work together." Governor Herbert 

"One of the big issues for us going forward into the future for Utah, as we've now become the fastest growing state in America, is water." Governor Herbert

"It is a beautiful summer day out there, and I know it's a time for families to take off and have family vacations to kind of travel and go up in the mountains and have recreational opportunities." Governor Herbert

"We want to be the best-performing education system in America and we're well on our way towards achieving that goal..." Governor Herbert

"We're into the final days of the 20-day period where we have the ability in the Executive branch, and myself, personally, to sign or veto or let go into law without my signature, 535 pieces of legislation that have been...

"It appears we're going to prioritize education funding again this year, which, as you know, is my number one budget priority." Governor Herbert

"Our economy today is as healthy as it's ever been, certainly as healthy as it was last year. And yet, we have a revenue stream that's about $100 million lower, and part of it's because $200 million in lost but owed sales tax...

"... make sure that we pay starting salaries that will attract people into the teaching profession, and then pay them commensurate so that they will stay in the teaching profession" Governor Herbert

"So, I feel good about our 7-year anniversary here and what we've been able to do with education. But we're going to make that the No. 1 focus over these next 4 years."  -- Governor Herbert

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