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"My message is we live in an amazing place. 2024 is going to be a great year. We have an opportunity to fix some of these challenges and lift everyone. That's what we do best here in Utah. And I can't wait to work together to do...

"Utah leads the nation in service every year and volunteerism and charitable giving, and it's something that we care deeply about and it's something we want to be more intentional about." Governor Cox

"Right now, the issue that is my top concern and keeps me up the most at night is the state of housing, and especially affordable housing in our state." Governor Cox

"Now critical number, our statewide reservoir storage right now is at 80%, which is awesome. That means we have a leg up on next year, which we're very excited about." Governor Cox

Baseball's good for the soul, hockey's fun. I think there are, I think these are wonderful opportunities and I'm grateful that we have people like... Governor Cox.

"the question is, do those First Amendment rights mean that you have to have unfettered access to very damaging...but to these experiments that these social media companies are running on our kids with designs that are purposely...

"The good news is also that that snow has not really even started to melt yet. And yet the Great Salt Lake, is already up two feet from its November low, which again, thanks to Mother Nature and some structural modifications to...

"But most importantly for the state of Utah, just want to reiterate an important announcement that we made yesterday, Texas Instruments, who is a global leader in semi-conductor manufacturing, announced that they are expanding...

"According to the Mayo Clinic, social media is distracting teens, disrupting their sleep, and exposing them to bullying, rumor spreading, and unrealistic views of other lives and peer pressure." Governor Cox

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