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Baseball's good for the soul, hockey's fun. I think there are, I think these are wonderful opportunities and I'm grateful that we have people like... Governor Cox.

"the question is, do those First Amendment rights mean that you have to have unfettered access to very damaging...but to these experiments that these social media companies are running on our kids with designs that are purposely...

"The good news is also that that snow has not really even started to melt yet. And yet the Great Salt Lake, is already up two feet from its November low, which again, thanks to Mother Nature and some structural modifications to...

"But most importantly for the state of Utah, just want to reiterate an important announcement that we made yesterday, Texas Instruments, who is a global leader in semi-conductor manufacturing, announced that they are expanding...

"The Safe Utah app that every child should have on their smartphone, every parent should have it on their phone, it's first and foremost, a mental health app. It allows you to connect if you're in crisis with a mental health...

"This emergency order will allow the state to use any and all state resources we need to cope with the drought." Governor Cox

"I suspect that we will end up with our reservoirs filled to a higher degree than we did last year, once the spring runoff is occurred, so, that's positive news. We're seeing the moisture content of the soil is much, much higher...

"Billions and billions and billions of gallons were saved this year because people cut back on their watering and on waste and that's made it possible so that, if we do have drought conditions extending until next year, we will...

"There is some good news on the horizon. The long-term forecast over the next six to 10 days and 10 to 18 days are showing the likelihood of above average precipitation as that monsoonal moisture carries north." Governor Cox 

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