Video-Recorded Courses and Events


This policy clarifies the roles and responsibilities of UETN and institutions for video-recorded courses and events through the Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) system.


Recordings of video-supported courses are offered as a convenience for instructional reasons, such as absences, bell schedule variations, or review of material; or in the case of administrative meetings where public access is desired, such as Board or committee meetings. Special care must be taken when recording events to ensure privacy and protection of minors and adherence to local, state, and federal policies.


IVC - Interactive video conferencing; the distance learning system managed by UETN and incorporating UETN infrastructure

Online recordings - video recordings initiated by either the institution's scheduling personnel or UETN staff

Scheduling personnel - the authorized representative from the stakeholder institution who is responsible for scheduling events and recordings on the IVC system

FERPA - Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act


  1. UETN is committed to serving the instructional needs of its education and telehealth customers while adhering to policies and procedures regarding privacy of individuals, including those of The University of Utah, and State and Federal government.
  2. UETN will record video courses only by request of the institution hosting the course; who is responsible for complying with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act and other local, State, and Federal policies.
  3. UETN will not routinely record events or courses unless they are specifically requested to do so by the institution responsible for the course or event. UETN will continue to record Board meetings and other public meetings.
  4. Scheduling personnel will be provided with a record option at the time they schedule an event on the UETN system.
  5. UETN personnel will record the event and make the recording available through a link or embed code that is protected with an access password provided to the institution's distance learning administrator or scheduler.
  6. The institution will be encouraged to move their video files within seven days of the recorded event to a password-protected website managed by that institution (such as the Canvas website for the course).
  7. Archived recordings will be purged from UEN servers each semester.
  8. Exceptions to this policy may be granted for unique events (e.g., school assembly, power outage, campus closure) on a case-by-case basis by the UETN CEO or designee.

Adopted: March 16, 2016

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