Diversity Policy

UETN Goal for Diversity

This document affirms UETN’s commitment to diversity in our programs and services, workforce, management, governing board and advisory councils, and documents UETN’s commitment to implement guidelines and initiatives in accordance with University of Utah Policy, as well as State and Federal antidiscrimination law. UETN is committed to employment, management and services that reflect and support the diversity of Utah as part of our broader goal to enrich the educational experiences, healthcare services, and successes of all members of our state. UETN operates under the University of Utah guidelines and mission statement which reads in part: "We zealously preserve academic freedom, promote diversity and equal opportunity, and respect individual beliefs."


Discrimination - Discrimination is partiality or bias in the treatment of a person or group that is unfair or illegal. Illegal discrimination is treating someone differently based on a protected class.

Protected Class - A protected class is a group of people protected against discrimination by University of Utah policy or by State and Federal law. Protected classes are listed in item 2 below.


  1. UETN is committed to having a staff and management structure that reflects the diversity of its community. Further, UETN educates managers and staff on how to work effectively in a diverse environment, prevent discrimination and promote inclusiveness.
  2. UETN adheres to all University of Utah Policies and Procedures regarding Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination to prevent any form of discrimination, harassment or prejudicial treatment because of race/ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, disability, pregnancy, or protected veteran status.
  3. Managers are encouraged to interview a well-qualified and diverse candidate pool for open positions and to sustain a work environment where respect, trust, and equality of opportunity enable our employees and constituents to achieve their goals and objectives.
  4. Augmenting UETN’s diversity efforts, the University of Utah maintains a website that provides hiring managers with tools and resources for the identification and recruitment of well-qualified applicants for staff positions, who have experience working with and reaching out to a diverse population.
  5. UETN participates in a wide variety of job fairs to help ensure a qualified, diverse applicant pool.
  6. UETN management and staff participate in an annual anti-discrimination/ harassment and diversity training program.
  7. UETN’s broadcast license holder is the Utah Board of Regents. The selection strategy for members is to recruit individuals who have a wide variety of experiences, including reaching out to and working with a diverse population and people who are able to foster an environment of inclusion. Similarly, the UETN Governing Board and Advisory Councils’ strategy is to recruit a well-‐qualified and diverse cross section of members who are reflective of the broader community and the education and healthcare constituents served.
  8. UETN Governing Board and Advisory Council members participate in an annual diversity training program.
  9. As a public institution, UETN staff, management and Board members are committed to increased accessibility and accountability to all residents of the state by providing services that can enhance the organization’s responsiveness to an increasingly diverse world of customers, improve relations with the surrounding community, increase the organization's ability to cope with change and expand the creativity of the organization.
  10. The UETN Governing Board affirms its commitment to continue to adhere to this policy and the actions described herein.

Approved and reaffirmed by the UETN Board on June 11, 2021


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