Advisory Council Guidelines


  1. The Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN) Board (UETN Board) is charged with establishing two advisory councils (AC) to assist in performing its responsibilities (UAC 53B-17-106 and UAC 53B-17-107): the UEN Council shall represent education and libraries (including KUEN), and the UTN Council shall represent telehealth. AC members shall be appointed by the UETN Board.
  2. As a public broadcaster, KUEN is required to establish an advisory council to advise the governing body of the station and to provide a vehicle for effective community input to the station’s governing body about services, programs, and impact on the community from major policy decisions. (47 U.S.C. & 396 (k) (8).


  1. AC membership will consist of representatives of the multiple entities with whom UETN works. The UETN Board shall strive to attain representation from rural and urban constituent groups, and diversity of representation among gender, ethnicity, disability, technical and instructional expertise, etc. in order to achieve balanced and representative membership on each AC.
  2. The following list of AC membership is not all-inclusive and is subject to change as determined by the UETN Board.

    UEN Council Membership

    Chief Academic Officer
    Teacher Education Faculty
    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Faculty
    Representative from UTTC
    Distance Education or LMS Administrator
    Library Director
    Utah Technical Colleges
    District Administrator/Curriculum Director
    C Forum – Technology Trainer
    Online School Rep
    Telecommunications Companies
    Legislators – Senator/Representative
    Division of Workforce Services
    State ITS/DTS
    Economic Development
    Public Libraries
    Public Broadcasting
    Higher Education Diversity Director

    UTN Council Membership

    University of Utah Health Science Center
    University of Utah Health Science Center
    Member, hospital, clinic, health department
    Member, hospital, clinic, health department
    Member, hospital, clinic, health department
    Education & Research
    Other Organizations
    Other Organizations

  3. AC members shall annually elect a chairperson (Chair) from its membership. Members may also elect a Vice Chair to represent and assist the Chair. The Chair and Vice Chair may not be from the same representative group. The Chair and Vice Chair may be elected to subsequent terms, at the discretion of the AC members.
  4. Members will serve four-year terms. Terms shall be staggered to ensure continuity of representation. Members may be re-appointed for a subsequent term, at the discretion of the UETN Board.
  5. Whenever a vacancy on an AC occurs, the UETN Board shall appoint a replacement, after consultation by the UETN Executive Director. The vacating member shall be replaced with an individual representing the constituent group of the vacating member. The new member shall fill the remainder of the appointed term, with the possibility of re-appointment to a subsequent four-year term.


  1. Responsibilities for ACs are outlined in State and Federal Law:
  2. Each AC is organized to provide input and assist the UETN Board in fulfilling its responsibilities. As such, each AC shall meet at least once every three months or more often if a specific need arises. Sub-committees may be formed to facilitate the work of the AC.
  3. AC Chairs are invited to attend the UETN Board Meeting, retreats, and other planning activities.
  4. UETN staff will be appointed by the UETN Executive Director to assist the ACs.

Adopted by the UETN Board in 2016


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