Funding Request

Our Request

The UETN Governing Board is comprised of engaged leaders that know our infrastructure is key to education and healthcare success.

Summary of UETN FY2024 Funding Reques

UETN requests funding in the following critical need areas:

  One-time Ongoing
Staff Retention/Equity   $700,000
Operations   $750,000
USHE Cybersecurity $18,000,000  
k-12 Software   $945,000
Total Request $18,000,000 $2,395,000

Legislative Funding Request Details

About UETN

We network for education and telehealth.

Who do we serve?

  • 877,802 students
  • 78,998 educators
  • 21 Organizations and 75 Rural and Critical Access Hospitals, Community Health Centers, Clinics, Dialysis Centers and Local Health Departments
  • 141 public libraries and branches

What services do we provide?

  • Network Services
    We connect Utah schools, colleges, health care facilities, and public libraries to the Internet.
  • Application Services
    We curate high-demand educational applications and deliver them over the network.
  • Support Services
    We protect the state’s investment through support services guiding effective utilization.

UETN Network Map

We pride ourselves on effective, efficient services, fiscal responsibility, and public accountability.

Your Support

You can help by talking to your state legislators and educational leaders.  Let them know how you use the network and why our continued success is important for accomplishing your organization's goals.

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